How Does Solar Work?

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Mining the Sun

Solar power itself is a fairly simple concept allowing the panels to utilise one of the most natural sources of energy, the sun. In Australia we are very lucky to have this natural resource so abundant and it seems only natural to mine it direct to our homes.


Now whilst the concept itself is simple, with so many products and offers on the market it is hard to know where to start. Below we have listed some easy facts for you;

PV Panels

Each panel has been designed to absorb sunlight through their photo-voltaic cells (hence the name PV panels) and generating energy. This energy is in the form of DC (Direct Current) which is transferred along the electrical wires down to the inverter.


Through differing technology some panels will do this differently to others, or have a longer shelf life. Not all PV panels are produced equal, so it is important to choose the panel that is right for your needs. Please refer to our products page for more information.


The inverter plays the role in ensuring the DC power that is produced from the PV panels, is converted into AC (alternating current) power so you can use this in your home. All homes run on AC power allowing for all levels and types of appliances to run in your home.


Inverters will also provide fault protection as well as system statistics. Brands can vary, with some providing 5 year with long shelf lives and some up to 10 year warranties. It’s best to refer to our products page for more information on warranties and brands.

Battery Storage (Optional)

You home power usage and time of usage will determine whether you will require a battery storage system. We find that not everyone needs a battery.

A battery will store the power generated from the panels that is not being utilised within the house at a given point in time. The battery, or inverter (based on the brand used and set-up) can be set to import, store or export power as per your requirements.

We recommend speaking with one of our experts to decide whether this is right for you.


Using your existing switchboard in your home, our experts, will be able to link up the system designed for you direct to your switchboard. Thus allowing for you to have direct usage of the power within your home.


Once solar is installed all retailers request that a new smart meter is installed so that you can benefit from your feed in tariffs (FiT). We will raise a request on your behalf with your retailer, however you are required to liaise with them on this process as you are the contract holder with them and due to privacy laws we are unable to discuss your contract.

We recommend you look at their available solar plans to ensure you are getting the best plan for your requirements