How you can benefit from our Community programs


Here at Era Gaia we believe in providing communities with sustainable and affordable opportunities to access solar energy, where this may not have been an option before.


Communities programs across NSW have made the initial outlay of gross meter schemes a way of the past. With the introduction of net meters, households can finally access their solar production instead of pumping it directly into the grid. Now the household gets their panel's production first, powering their entire home from their own solar generated power.


Focusing on a localised community approach allows eligible residents solar opportunities without any upfront cost.


Residents receive solar panels with zero initial outlay !

Once the system is installed it will produce free electricity and a savings for the house. That savings is re-invested for the initial payback period for the panels to pay for themselves.

Once the payback period ends that is free solar energy, and savings into the residents own bank accounts rather than the big retailers. With the rising costs of power an investment like solar could save your family and you thousands ...