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Sunrise Nursery NSW Pty Ltd  - Helensburgh NSW


  • Commercial

  • 20kWh

  • Q Cell Panels

  • ZeverSolar Inverter

Heading 3

  • Single storey

  • Roof half sun panels to let in natural light



Cassandra has spent many years establishing her beautiful nursery and cafe to enable the local people of Helensburgh somewhere wonderful to come and enjoy healthy produce, coffee and to take well looked after plants home to enjoy daily


On meeting with Cassandra it was clear she was after a sustainable way to manage her ever increasing electricity bills and to have her cashflow even more positive.


After consultation with our specialist Cassandra decided on a 20kw system that would easily fit across her roof between the sun panels she has.  We were able to help her with a finance option to meet her needs and within 1 month she was fully installed.


She is now seeing huge reductions in her bills, and will have this paid off with full ROI in a few years.

We are happy to have been able to help her take control of her power and save money with her investment