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15 Years of passion for renewable energy

Era Gaia is Greek for “sun and earth” here at Era Gaia we are just trying our best to do something in between. Era Gaia is an Australian made and owned company. Back when solar was still quite expensive they were finding affordable ways to bring it into communities that couldn’t otherwise have it.


Helping the Community

Era Gaia developed community schemes to allow areas the opportunity to access solar options where residents couldn’t afford solar before. Communities schemes across NSW have made the initial outlay of gross meter schemes a way of the past. Focusing on a localised community allow eligible residents solar opportunities without any upfront cost. Residents receive solar panels with zero initial outlay, after the panels are up and running they start to produce free electricity and a savings for the house. That savings is reinvested for the panels to pay for themselves.

Helping Businesses

As entrepreneurs we know your main focus is to stand out from your competitors. We understand that energy costs are a major factor of it.

After conducting an accurate energy assessment we identify your business energy needs. We will tailor our solar system solutions to help you reach a secure long term reduction of operational costs.

Our financial experts will tailor a solution to meet your investor profile. Perhaps you prefer to use your savings to pay off your investment sooner or to generate a substantial increase in cashflow.



We pride ourselves on providing the public with the best quality products available in today’s market.



With over 12 years experience in the Australian and European Solar Market, we will provide you with a level of expertise above your expectations.



We strive to provide you with the best financial solution to meet your needs.